Male and Female

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We live in a disordered, obsessive culture that values being true to self and finding significant worth in “whatever floats your boat.” Nowhere is this more evident than in the fluidity of sexuality and the choice to express that sexuality in whatever form or with whomever one pleases. Prior to…

Women’s Conference

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“Grace must wound before it can heal.”   –Flannery O’Connor   I will be speaking at the Providence Women’s First Annual Fall Conference at Oakland Hills Community Church in Farmington Hills on November 4th and 5th. The topic discussed this year will be “Living in the Face of Suffering.”  …

Living Well in the Middle of Things

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In medias res is a Latin phrase that means in the middle of things or into the midst of things. As a literary term, it refers to a narrative that starts in the middle of the story—often at some critical moment—rather than at its beginning. Earlier parts of the narrative…