Christianity and Culture—Ken Myers

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“The conventional beliefs and practices of contemporary culture present a range of challenges to Christians striving to be faithful to their Lord.  Some of these challenges are obvious, even if knowing how to meet them is perplexing.  Others are concealed and become apparent only with the discipline of discerning and patient reflection.” Ken Myers

“The Risks of Repudiating Reality:

Timely Lessons from C. S. Lewis’s The Abolition of Man”

In 1943, C. S. Lewis gave a series of three lectures that were later published in book form as The Abolition of Man.  In Lewis’s better-known works of apologetics, he consistently described why Christian belief fit with our experience of real life. In The Abolition of Man (which is more philosophical than apologetic) Lewis addressed the underlying assumptions about the nature of reality that were steering the modern West down destructive paths. In denying the perennial assumption that Nature has a nature, modern thought asserts that the human will imposes meaning on reality. If reality has no intrinsic meaning, then human willing has no intrinsic limits on its exercise. If there is no transcendent Good (or God) that might order human desire towards a higher end, then there is no ‘value’ higher than choice, and all choices must be respected. In these lectures, Ken Myers will examine Lewis’s arguments, outline the theological mistakes that gave rise to modern nihilism, and describe the forms of Christian discipleship needed to confront and dispel modernity’s denial of reality.

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