Male and Female

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We live in a disordered, obsessive culture that values being true to self and finding significant worth in “whatever floats your boat.” Nowhere is this more evident than in the fluidity of sexuality and the choice to express that sexuality in whatever form or with whomever one pleases. Prior to the nineteenth-century sexuality was something one expressed, not the essence of who one was—no longer. Many people, Christians and unbelievers alike, are embracing this false sexual identity. A vast majority of narratives on the internet and television, in songs, films, novels, and even real-life, portray people becoming aware of their sexuality and embracing it as their true identity. In these narratives there is no universal Truth, only what is true for the individual. However, there is Good News. God tells us something very different, something freeing. He tells us that our identity is based on something more than our sexual desires, and expressions of our sexuality are to be anchored in his ordered narrative, not in the world’s false, disordered one.

This conference is being put together to offer some understanding and resources on how to lovingly live this Gospel Truth in our homes, churches, and communities. We will discuss various topics pertaining to sexuality grounded on the foundation of God’s created order of male and female. There will be talks and discussions on masculinity and femininity, shaping sons’ and daughters’ identities as male and female, understanding gender disorder, and the church’s response to this culture of fluid sexuality.

I will be presenting along with my husband, George (also a counselor), and Pastor Jeff Wilson from Providence OPC. Lisa Branton from Washtenaw Biblical Counseling will be moderating the panel discussion. The conference is open to those sixteen and older with an understanding that there will be sexual language in some of the talks. It will be held at Oakland Hills Community Church in Farmington Hills.

I hope you will be able to join us in a time of fellowship and good conversation as we seek to better understand God’s design for us. If you have any questions or would like to register you can contact me at 248-651-0900 or send an email to

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