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We live in a world in which popular culture enjoys many avenues for influencing our children. Television, movies, and the internet not only entertain but also convey a constant array of messages as to what the world considers normal and desirable. Cell phones and social media fuel a network of peer interaction that give those messages even more access to our children’s hearts and minds.

With all this going on how can a parent…well…parent? The Word of God includes a timeless exhortation to Christian parents to train their children. However, due to the combination of our busy lives and an extremely individualistic and egalitarian culture parents seem at a loss to carry out this task. As a result, parents often do not take the time and effort to “shape” their children. By shaping, I mean building into them their family and Christian identities, while protecting and guiding their character development. When a child is very young, you parent them by involvement that is rather direct. As they grow older, you must rely more and more on your influence, something that will be in short supply if you haven’t taken the time to invest earlier.

No matter how effective you believe you’ve been up until now, you may be certain that your child needs your involvement. We can support your efforts to parent your child effectively. We can help you bridge the gap between you and your child so that you can guide them onto a path toward a responsible and productive future.

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