When to Get Help

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You may not have a choice as to whether problems come your way, but you can choose to handle them constructively. Acknowledging the problem is the first step. You may find yourself discouraged, confused, or persistently unhappy. You may be concerned about the health of a relationship, be it your spouse, your child, other family member, or friend. Facing these honestly can be an opportunity for growth and restoration.

Recognizing the problem, you can then determine where to turn for help. You may find support among family and friends. In addition, your church might be a greater help than you realize. In some instances a problem might be most effectively addressed by seeking professional help. Counseling is one of a number of good resources at your disposal. Don’t consider it your last resort. You don’t have to wait until making that appointment feels like an act of desperation. Often the best question is not “do I need counseling?” but “could I benefit from counseling?”. With respect to the second question, I am certain that with the help of the right counselor, you can.

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