What to Look for in a Counselor

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Every Christian counselor should have training and experience. Perhaps that is obvious. What is not so obvious is that those qualifications alone do not ensure a rich understanding of people. Oftentimes a narrow, clinical focus can limit a counselor’s ability to see people as people. That can cause them to emphasize superficial, behavioral change and overlook the intrapersonal aspects of Christian obedience which are necessary for deeper, more lasting change. God created us as embodied souls, therefore a counselor should address behavior in light of the deep-seated motivations of the heart.

Look for a counselor whose faith in Christ is central to their everyday life and their counseling practice; someone whose Christian conviction is crucial, rather than supplemental to the counseling process; someone who is knowledgable in helping people with difficult issues, and more importantly, can interpret life through the essential lens provided only by God’s word.

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